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About the Game

Barony is a 3D, first-person roguelike. The goal of the game is to descend to the bottom of a dark dungeon known as the Devil's Bastion and destroy an undead lich named Baron Herx, who terrorized the peaceful town of Hamlet in life and is now harboring a curse against the land from beyond the grave. To aid you in your quest are friendly humans who have been eeking out a rough life within the dungeon for generations, as well as any friends you can bring with you in real life: Barony is the first of its kind as a first-person roguelike in that it fully supports cooperative multiplayer for up to four players.

On July 27th, 2016 the source code for Barony was publicly released on GitHub under the GPL3.0 License, so fans of the game are free to modify any part of it and integrate their own changes into the official game as they please.

~ Features ~
~ Cursed Edition Features ~
~ Team ~

Barony was made by an indie game company called Turning Wheel. Our members are:

Sheridan Kane Rathbun - Team Leader, Programmer, Designer
Chris Kukla - Musician, Sound Design
Ciprian Ilies - Programmer, Additional Design
Josiah Colborn - Art, Community Manager
Frasier Panton - Writer

Past members include:

Julian Seeger - Character artist
Mathias Golinelli - Texture Artist, Additional Art
Ryan Hardiman - Community manager


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Before contacting us, please consider checking out our official online FAQ to see if your question hasn't already been answered first. Otherwise, to contact the fine folks at Turning Wheel LLC (that's us), please use the following email address:

Journalists and other members of the press: you can find our presskit by CLICKING HERE.

We generally appreciate all kinds of inquiries and feedback, both personal and professional. Thank you for your time!


You can discuss Barony with the devs and other fans on our Steam discussion board and the /r/BaronyGame subreddit, as well as find a fan-maintained game guide on the Officialish Barony Wikia.

The open source release of Barony can be found on our GitHub page, and you can also visit our official Bugtracker HERE.


For news about Barony, please visit any of the following pages:

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